Passenger pegs/Frame sliders

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A perfect solution for anyone looking to add some protection to their bike! These units mount to your old footpeg location on Sportsters and act as not only pegs but also frame sliders.

These are a solid mounted item, which means they do not have the ability to fold up like normal footpegs. In the case where you may lay down or drop your bike these add some protection to your frame and accessories on the bike. They stick out longer than your clutch cover on the left side and in most cases they stick out longer than your exhaust on the right side of the bike.

To install just simply unbolt your old foot peg and mount and thread the new unit on with some blue loctite!

6" Long
1.5" Diameter
Comes with a 3/8-16 stud for standard swingarm mounting
6061 machined aluminum or brass

**Brass is a softer material than aluminum and for that reason they will provide less protection than aluminum units"