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These measure 32 inches wide and come in a variety of heights! These have a beefy look but also fit your stock controls with 1 inch diameter control areas and a 1 inch diameter clamp space. These come with milled slots instead of dimples to work with your stock controls.

These do have some pullback so you'll be able to angle the bars back towards you while still maintaining a completely horizontal grip.

Please keep in mind when ordering taller bars you may need cable and wiring extensions!

These will fit sportsters along with the bigger style Harley Davidsons.
**If you would like these to be set up for internal wiring please let us know**
**If you would like these to be set up for TBW please let us know**

If you have any questions about these or any other of our products feel free to send us an email. We make each set of handlebars to order so we do ask you to be patient when placing an order. If you would like a custom set of handlebars please send us an email.

*For off road use only*