About our products

You may have questions before buying one of our products such as if it will fit or what it's made of. Here are a few short pieces of information that may help you before you make your purchase. 


All of our handlebars are made from .120" wall DOM tubing. This refers to the thickness of the tubing wall and does not affect the outside diameter of the bar. Harley Davidsons and other american bikes generally have 1" OD handlebars where as Yamaha's, Honda's, Suzuki's and Kawasaki's have 7/8" OD handlebars. You won't find handlebars on the market made from a better quality material. We start with the best so you can receive a great product you'll always enjoy!


Dimpling is necessary on newer Harley Davidson's running stock controls. It is an indentation on the underside of the handlebar to allow the wires to fit. Check your bike to see if you require this. Here at Old Man Motors we mill slots instead of dimpling. This allows for an easier installation process and less hassle! 


Old Man Motors cannot be held liable for any damages to property or injuries to persons due to improper installation of one of our products. Products must always be installed by a trained professional and used in "off road" applications only. By accessing www.oldmanmotors.com you signify that you have carefully read our legal subsection in our "about our products" page. 

If you have any other questions about any of our products feel free to contact us!